Murali Krishan Nookella – Leading SAP QM consultant and production management expert

Murali Krishna Nookella is a SAP QM consultant who is well versed in all aspects of Quality Management for business enterprises and meeting their needs related to quality. He specializes in QM for Life Sciences, Recent consumer trends and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Quality Management is a critical component of PLM as it is all about ensuring that products and processes meet quality standards.

Quality Management is a basic requirement of any manufacturing unit with related operations. QM has three basic components viz. the Total Quality Management (TQM), Industry specific Quality Standards (FDA and Good Manufacturing Practice) and QM standards (ISO 9000). Murali Krishna Nookella develops software based QM solutions for companies and the successful integration of QM into any of the current manufacturing strategies i.e. discrete, repetitive, and Process Industry manufacturing.

The basic areas covered in Quality Management include Quality planning, quality inspection, quality certificate, and quality notification. All these areas are managed by integration of SAP and QM so that there are proper regulatory mechanisms for each step of the operation. Moreover, Quality Management can be integrated into Production Planning where it can be used to control production processes and a step by step inspection of all production stages using Statistical Process Control (SPC). Murali Krishna Nookella has developed a mySAP PLM which gives one the ability to control QM according to production method or manufacturing strategy. All aspects of the Production can be controlled as well as optimal performance and results can be achieved.

Quality Management has always been a crucial aspect of the functioning of any manufacturing enterprise and even more for Production Planning (PP) which is used by companies of the pharma and food sector where stringent quality standards need to be maintained.

Murali Krishna Nookella also provides training in SAP QM software development. His mySAP PLM systems have benefitted many manufacturing enterprises in optimizing quality and meeting desired standards.


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